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Our near neighbours in Amersfoort have seen their Basketball club named sports club of the year. The club previously won the provincial vote and have now won the national prize.

It was the first time that the prize was awarded. The Sports Association of the Year-election was set up by NOC * NSF, The Dutch Olympic Committee and Dutch Sports Federation to celebrate success and to put sports and culture associations in the spotlight.

According to NOC * NSF, Crackerjacks have undergone a major change in recent years. From a rather low key club that was not very visible in the neighbourhood and municipality, the Crackerjacks have become a club that is very active in society.

They are now a club with passion and social impact.

The Crackerjacks work together with schools, the long-term sick, job seekers, the disabled and in special education. In addition, the districts of Amersfoort are also actively engaged in order to be able to promote sports with young people.

The promoters said that Crackerjacks wanted to connect and let everyone in Amersfoort discover and experience basketball, but also let them enjoy the spectacular sport and offer opportunities for personal development.

Basketball is one of the biggest sports in the world, fifth in participation figures and Dutch basketball at national level is having a revival.

Crackerjacks are committed to a positive sports climate in which everyone feels comfortable and is welcome. For more information take a look at their web page on: or their twitter feed @CrackerjacksBB

Image credit: “Basketball” (Public Domain) by popo.uw23

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