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Whilst talking sport with Sport Utrechts Communications Advisor, Yvonne Mureau, she brought my attention to a scheme your friendly Albert Heijn supermarket is promoting.

The promotion will be running till 25 November, it is called:

AH Sportactie!

Every time you shop at Albert Heijn you will receive a sports voucher. With the voucher and code SportUtrecht everyone can subscribe to the available sports for free! If you redeem the promotional code on the voucher, there are immediately two sports credits in your Sport Profile. Every sports credit means free sports. That means a lot of sport fun!

You have until November 24 to participate in the AH Sportactie.

Activate your sports voucher (s) here! 

How it works:

Step 1. Receive a sports voucher at AH every time you do your shopping.

Step 2. Activate your sports voucher(s)

Step 3. Find and book your favourite sports activity

Step 4. And play sports!

When I last looked there were 2763 sports activities available to Utrechters

Including on just the first page:





Boot Camp

Kick boxing



Table Tennis

Oh, and take someone with you, because doing sports together is even more fun!

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