Wilders remarks of discrimination sparks wave of protest

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The youth organization (DWARS), a sub branch of the leftist political party GroenLinks have filed a report against PVV (Party of Freedom) party leader Geert Wilders for his discriminating and hate-inciting statements made on Wednesday evening.

DWARS is assisted by Utrecht-based criminal lawyer, Yehudi Moszkowicz. A growing list of people and organizations have already filed reports against Wilders.

The PVV leader created an emotional stir on the election night by asking his support group during a public speech if they wanted more or less Moroccans in the Netherlands. The audience responded chanting, “less, less” in a repeated fashion.

President of DWARS, Hugo Halder commmented, “With amazement and disgust we have listened to the statements of Wilders. We already knew that he excludes groups with his rabid comments aimed to demean minority groups living in the Netherlands, but this was definitely a new low.”

More reports were filed on Thursday namely by Youssef el Messaoudi, member of the Labour Party (PvdA) Amersfoort and Aissa Zanzen of the Alliance of Moroccan Dutch ( SMN ).

More than 100 complaints were received by the Public Prosecution Service ( OM ) on Thursday for Wilders discriminating remarks. Another 500 people reported discrimination through the national website of the police.

Social Media
More than 57,000 people had liked the Facebook page, “I Do Declaration Against Wilders’ by Thursday at 8 pm. In the morning, that figure was still at 4000.

On other social media such as Twitter, people condemned the statements of the PVV leader urging to file reports against him. Another 1,200 reports were filed at independent discrimination agencies.

Public Prosecutor

The prosecution wants to analyze the various declarations and statements by Wilders to decide whether the comments are punishable. His statement are believed to be legally complex so careful assessment is required, according to a spokesperson of the Public Prosecutor.

Freedom of expression is something that must be taken into account. This right is not unlimited, at least according to the Prosecutor. It is not known when the prosecution will be taking a decision on the reports filed.

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  1. March 24, 2014

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