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We are always happy to support fellow media and it is a pleasure to get behind the fundraising efforts of 3FM.

TivoliVredenburg will be the headquarters of this years Serious Request fundraiser during the week of 18 to 24 December, the annual extravaganza by the 3FM radio station to raise money for the Red Cross. This year six 3FM presenters will be criss-crossing the country on foot for a week to raise funds and awareness.

For the past 14 years, the Glass House has been the focal point of the event and has been located in various places across the Netherlands, but this year, Serious Request will becompletely different. Six DJs will come to the listener for a week, through the radio from different locations each day. In teams of two, the presenters will travel through the country, where they will visit various fundraising events of the Dutch public. This could be a really tough gig for the presenters:

“It may just be that the teams have to plod through the snow in minus 10 degrees. That is partly the tension that we want to have. I am really looking forward to the unpredictability of this new set-up. “

says Sharid Alles station manager. But they will do it anyway in the name of charity and good radio!The Utrecht TivoliVredenburg will be transformed into the Serious Request headquarters, including radio studio, for the week of 18 December. This will act as the central point where listeners can request records in return for a donation. The DJs across the country will also receive challenges that they have to carry out on the road in return for donations.

Workshops, lectures and performances will also be held there to tell us about the three charities the fundraising is for.

3FM radio are raising money for three goals this year and the listener will decide where the amount goes. They have chosen the organisations because fund raising is badly needed. You can donate the amount to:

CPR in the Netherlands

Protection against natural disasters

Emergency assistance in war and conflicts

The Red Cross ensures that the money is spent correctly. If you want to know more about these goals then click here.

If you want to send money now or during the fundraising week here are the details:

GIRO 661

Iban number: NL56INGB0000000661

tnv The Dutch Red Cross, The Hague

You need to say which charity you wish to support by adding “Conflict”, “Reanimation” or “Nature” or state “Lifeline” if your donation is for all 3 goals

As 3FM tell us, Serious Request has been running and supporting the event for 14 years in which the Netherlands meets in the week before Christmas to do something good for someone else.

In 2018, 3FM Serious Request: Lifeline will literally enter the country: three DJ teams (Sander Hoogendoorn & Eva Koreman, Rob Janssen and Jorien Renkema, Mark van der Molen & Rámon Verkoeijen) will take action on foot for a week on foot from three different locations. They will go 24 hours a day on a trip through the Netherlands to arrive at TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, the city where 3FM Serious Request started in 2004, on Christmas Eve.

All this with the aim of raising money for the Red Cross, where the public can choose their ‘own goal’: saving lives in the Netherlands, protecting against natural disasters and providing emergency aid for wars and conflicts.

TivoliVredenburg will serves as the HQ. From, but they will also make their radio programmes there.




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