Utrechters take on Kilimanjaro for War Child

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Anna de Graaf and Sanne Lichtendahl from Utrecht will  take on one of the toughest challenges in January when they climb Mount Kilimanjaro. This is a personal challenge when they will try to collect as much money as possible to help war children.

The Kili Challenge for War Child will last for ten days, during which Anna and Sanne will spend seven days on the highest mountain, at 5,895metres, in Africa.

This year is the fifth time that War Child has organized the Kili Challenge. More than 300 heroes, have climbed it before for the charity with each participant who participates in the Kili Challenge committed to raise at least 2,400 euros via personal sponsorship.

Thanks to these participants War Child can help thousands of war children and offer them a better future.

The climb of the Kilimanjaro is not only a huge support for the children in war zones, but also a personal challenge that sets great physical and mental demands on the participants.

Anna de Graaf said:

“Climbing Kilimanjaro will be a hard task for me, but nothing compared to growing up in a war zone.”

Sanne Lichtendahl says:

“The stories of children who grow up in a world of war and violence touch me every day. It makes me thankful for what I can give my own sons, but also combative for all those boys and girls who need our help so badly. “

The participants are not alone. In order to prepare them physically and mentally, they receive support both in fundraising and in physical preparation. For example, there is a weekend of training for them in the Belgian Ardennes.

If you want to sponsor Anna and Sanne or participate in the Kili Challenge, go to their personal action pages via



More information can also be found on www.warchild.nl

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