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We wrote last month about the setting up of living opportunities in ~Utrecht via the Welkom programme and yesterday saw the launch  when State Secretary Blokhuis showed his enthusiasm about Welkom

“This living, working and care concept is future-proof”

Secretary of State Blokhuis of Health, Welfare and Sport visited the Welkom concept in Veenendaal. Blokhuis wanted to see with its own eyes how Welkom helps people who are struggling in society. The State Secretary responded enthusiastically to seeing all the options that Welkom offers.

Unique living concept

A growing number of people in the Netherlands are economically homeless, when because of divorce or financial problems, they can no longer live in their own homes. In addition, there are more and more people who, for other reasons, no longer have control over their own lives. In the current system they often fall between two stools. It is difficult to get the right help because there is little coordination between the various healthcare institutions. Welkom found the solution for this and now serves as the example in this area. Blokhuis believes it is important that this specific target group is helped in our society and that they continue to participate in society. That is why he visited Welkom.


The State Secretary was given a tour of a twin room and a family room. He heard from Cora van de Bovenkamp, ​​initiator of Welkom, how the families receive guidance. Blokhuis was particularly pleased with the integration of living, working and care. The news was also announced that a second location for the Welkom to Ede housing concept would be built. That the integration works is demonstrated by the fact that all residential units in Welkom are currently being used. There are also far-reaching discussions for a third branch of Welkom to come to The Hague.

Efficient and cost-reducing

People who for whatever reason are not eligible for a home through a housing association, rent a home from Welkom. During their stay in one of the apartments, they work together with a coach on their future in the field of living, working, learning and healthcare vitality. The goal is clear; to be once again full of self-confidence in Dutch society.

Cora van de Bovenkamp says:

“All help is physically easy to reach, because professional coaches offer help under one roof. We make a film of the resident, where other agencies often only see a fragment. By seeing the story in its entirety, the approach is more efficient, cost-reducing and focused on sustainable recovery. “

During the visit, Van de Bovenkamp called on the State Secretary to make a national roll-out possible. Blokhuis confirmed that it is the municipalities that can embrace this concept as a valuable initiative.

81 households live in the building on the Vijftien Morgen in Veenendaal. There are offices for relief workers present and there is a kitchen where people with a small budget eat. There is also a lot of attention for sports, workshops and other activities. More than 30 households have already had a successful time there.

For more information, contact Welkom here.

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

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