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As Christmas and New Year celebrations enter our heads and good food and wine enter our bodies, it is time to think ahead and what we can do to reduce any excess weight we may put on. Or it could just be a general New Year wish to get fitter for 2019.

What better way you ask yourself than Beckys Bootcamp. Fun and fitness all the way!


So, today we meet Rebecca, who is in her final year of Physiotherapy studies. She has a passion for sports, teaching and coaching. Her challenge is to help people get to the next level, to offer them a healthy lifestyle, motivate them and make them feel stronger both physically and mentally. In all of her classes, besides hard work and challenging yourself, there is plenty of room for fun and relaxation.

I asked Becky what it was all about

Becky´s Bootcamp is an outdoor training club providing affordable classes for people at all training levels. We base our training on technique and always safety first and social skills. Our mission is to help people to get fitter, more energetic and feel better about themselves in classes aiming for the perfect balance between challenge and fun.

Where did this idea come from?

After working in a local gym where I got good feedback from clients, I missed the drive to help people in my team. One of my friends convinced me to give the then unborn Becky’s Bootcamp a try, and as a ‘joke’ I started it April 1st of 2017. People liked it so much that more and more came to the classes and the idea became a company.

Is this the only group of its kind in Utrecht?

It probably is not the only one of its kind in Utrecht, in the end Bootcamp clubs are all the same and are all different.

We as Becky’s Bootcamp want to make a difference on the motivational and technique level, AND keep it affordable with a limit in class attendees per class. We don’t want to be teaching overcrowded classes because the coaching on training-technique will decline and the same goes for personal motivation.

Anyone can take part because they teach in small groups, they can adapt any exercise to make it fit to anyone’s fitness level.

Do you have a minimum age?

No, we don’t have a minimum age. Parents bring their kids sometimes to exercise together, which is always good fun.


Beckys Bootcamp training nights

– Monday

19:15  Bootcamp  Lodewijk Napoleonplantsoen (Krommerijn park)

20:30  HIIT   Tolsteegplantsoen

– Tuesday

19:30  Bootcamp   Croesestraat (Utrechts Vondelpark)

– Wednesday

19:45  Bootcamp   Tolsteegplantsoen

20:00  Man Bootcamp   Tolsteegplantsoen   * ONLY FOR MAN

20:00  Bootcamp     Wilhelminapark

20:45  HIIT   Tolsteegplantsoen

– Thursday

19:15 Bootcamp Camminghaplantsoen  (Hoograven)

– Saturday

10:00  Bootcamp   Tolsteegplantsoen

– Sunday

9:15 Bootcamp Camminghaplantsoen  (Hoograven)

Do you want new Beckys Boot campers?

We are always looking to meet good people and help them get to their fitness goals. Basically, anyone can come! Because we teach small groups, we can adapt any exercise to make it fit to anyone’s fitness level.

Are you from Utrecht?

Yes, born, raised and educated.

What is your favourite place in Utrecht?

The city centre in general, But I have to confess Im somewhat of a foodie. Some of my favourite spots and things to eat are Broadway for their spareribs and sometimes I detour for their Oreo dessert… Sushi today especially for the salmon mango sushi, Loetje for their ancient original steak, gravy and white bread and Behind Bars for their excellent Cocktails.

Does Utrecht inspire you?

Yes, is does inspire me, it’s a beautiful city with nice things to see and do. It’s not oversized like Amsterdam and my take is the people are nicer and more eager to help.

What is a perfect day in Utrecht for you?

A sunny day include shopping and after that some dinner with my boyfriend.

Does Utrecht as a city do enough for sport in general?

Yes, I think so. They do things like singelloop, mud masters and hiking trails. Besides this they encourage low income people to do sports and they also have the typical outdoor facilities like football cages.

What about your activity, do they give you enough support?

Yes, there are a lot of gyms in Utrecht. And now I go to one of them alone or with my boyfriend. But everything is without guidance, so you have to know what you are doing, because people with no experience do not train well.

We have to be aware of the wrong postures and after that physical complaints will crop up.  And that is one thing I see and don’t like about the cheap or regular gyms in Utrecht. So, we want to make a difference with in this field.

How big can Beckys Bootcamp become?

I hope big! First we want to be present all over Utrecht, and after that we will see. The sky is the limit, right?


Every six weeks or so Beckys Bootcamp give a class in the city centre in collaboration with Perry Sport, it’s for free and open to everyone, plus you also get a 20% discount on Perry Sport products if you take part in the class. Besides this they want people to get a taste of Becky’s Bootcamp before they join, so the first week is for free and most important free of any terms and conditions like contracts.

Also, if there’s no class in your area yet and you have a group of 4 or 5 who’d like to join, let them know here and they will make it happen for you!

So there you have it. No excuse to avoid exercise in 2019!

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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