‘Utrecht Vervoert’ Exhibition in Stadskantoor

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As a city, Utrecht pays a lot of attention to the quality of life of its inhabitants. The Municipality has a focus on how we should live and work in a healthy city. People are central to this policy and so in the exhibition, “Utrecht Transport” at the City Office, they will show how the public can travel together in a sustainable way, be it on foot, by bike, train or water.

Utrecht is the first city in the Netherlands to establish a pedestrian action plan that makes walking and especially walking through the city, more attractive and safer. There is also the focus on Utrecht as a bicycle city; Utrecht is a first class example for other cities in The Netherlands, with for example, the largest bicycle park in the world and the innovative digital signage to the various bicycle parking places in the city.

For 175 years Utrecht has been the centre of the railways in the Netherlands with over 85 million passengers annually. This year, with the upgrading and the track doubling between Utrecht Centraal and Leidsche Rijn, we have seen the final piece of 20 years of work on rail projects completed.

On the canal, we look forward to 2020 when the stretch between Rijnkade and Karel V will be returned to its original state and the Singel will be fully navigable again.

Utrecht also embraces innovative technologies for mobility that improve the quality of life. Under the heading ‘Smart Mobility’, Utrecht shows inspiring examples of how transport can be promoted in a sustainable way.

The exhibition will show the public through a system of five themes: water, bicycle, train, on foot and smart mobility how we can meet future needs. With work by the artists of ‘Ateliers De Wijde Doelen’ on the theme of mobility and the image My Champ built from bicycle parts, from Pinky Messchaert and the Watertales series by Corinne van Bergen.

We will also be able to view the work of Ronald van der Heide on the future of mobility and the Railway Museum will show train models, which will also supplement the exhibition “Warehouse warehouse” that is on display in the Railway Museum.

Rob Huibers and Marleen Buwalda have photographed walking, cycling and sailing routes along unexpected locations in Utrecht. There is also a cinematic contribution by Herbert Boland about the Water in the Singels. LomboXnet reports on their shared car “We drive solar” and on solar charging stations that can load and unload, and World Champion Solar Team TU Eindhoven show Stella, the world’s first family car powered by solar energy. the exhibiting Utrecht artists will show you a new world of transport and will open our eyes to the future. Utrecht surely is ahead of the field when it comes to ideas and innovations on transport.

The exhibition ‘Utrecht Vervoert’ can be seen during the opening hours of the Stadskantoor from Wednesday 5 September to Thursday 7 March 2019.

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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