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Utrecht venues exempt from 30 person limit

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Corona times have certainly been hard on us all. While daily life looks a lot different, there is still entertainment and culture to be seen in Utrecht. The Utrecht safety region has granted exemptions to the 30 person limit for four venues in the city of Utrecht. These venues strictly follow health and distance guidelines while allowing artists and guests a space to still enjoy performances.

Which venues are exempt?

Current corona guidelines issued by the government call for a limit of 30 people in indoor spaces. However, these guidelines also allow for certain exemptions to be made for buildings of importance to certain regions. Because of this, the Utrecht Safety Region announced a limited number of exemptions for concert and cultural buildings throughout the region. In the City of Utrecht this includes four buildings: Jaarbeurs, TivoliVredenburg, Stadsschouwburg, and De Paardenkathedraal. These exemptions were given very carefully and based on specific criteria such as function in the region and reach of audience. Each venue also still has limitations on the amount of people allowed inside at one time. However, at the most, no more than 250 people are allowed in one of the venues.

Upcoming Corona-proofed events

Even with the exemptions, events have to be carefully planned and executed to follow hygiene and distance guidelines. That means the amount of events is still very limited and the days of crowded concerts are still far away. To ensure a safe place for all artists, guests, and staff and to adhere to the RIVM guidelines, many venues have implemented extra hygiene measures and checks at the door. Masks are also encouraged and guests from different households are asked to book separately. Nonetheless, with the exemptions, you can still have an evening out enjoying art, culture or music.

The government measures are in place for at least three weeks. That means the imposed restrictions will apply until at least the 20th of October and could be longer if the situation does not improve. Below you will find each venue along with it’s restriction on crowds and upcoming types of events.

  • Jaarbeurs: Educational meetings and cultural events are still taking place in Jaarbeurs throughout October. A maxmimum of 250 guests are allowed at one time. For upcoming events, check the calendar here.
  • TivoliVredenburg: At Tivoli you can also have a maximum of 250 people. Musical events are setup in Tivoli’s larger rooms and range from Classical music to Blue Grass to Jazz. Check out the upcoming concerts here.
  • De Paardenkathedraal: In this theater, 45 guests are the maximum. However, you can still show your support and attend an upcoming performance. Check out Quake or Black Spring performances coming up at the theater.
  • Stadsschouwburg: With a diverse lineup over the next few months you can catch theater, opera, music and dance at Stadsschouwburg. See which events are coming up here.

Remember, if you are feeling unwell or have cold like symptoms, stay at home! It is important now more than ever to follow the government’s corona guidelines. By washing our hands, wearing masks and keeping our distance, we can continue to enjoy music and performances throughout Utrecht.

Sources: Utrecht Safety Region, Government of the Netherlands

Allison Chambers
Allison Chambers
Allison is an American from Florida who has been living in Utrecht for the last 2 years. Sales and Marketing are her passions by day and writing by night. Allison loves being part of the diverse Utrecht community and learning about culture and innovation. When she's not working, she enjoys traveling, food, spending time with family and the occasional cheesy joke.


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