Utrecht Students Prefer Shared Housing

Last updated 7 years ago by UtrechtCentral.com

Students in Utrecht prefer living in shared housing than independently with private facilities, reports Remco de Maaijer of the Utrecht student housing SSH.

De Maaijer states that due to the economic crisis, many students have less money to spend. Alongside that, they also understand the benefits that living in shared housing can offer: it is much easier to socialize.

The most popular student complex in Utrecht is the IBB flat on Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan located in Utrecht East. The complex was built in the 60’s and mainly consists of rooms with shared facilities.

In the coming years, SSH will offer more shared housing, says de Maaijer. For example, the old Provinciehuis that was completed this summer consists of only shared facilities.

The SSH thinks that the best ratio for student housing is 40 percent independent and 60 percent shared. Despite the increasing popularity of shared housing, the requests for independent housing remain.

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