Utrecht street markets struggle with losses as popularity declines

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Utrecht street markets have been suffering losses in revenue due to a decline in customers in recent months. The municipality is concerned about the drop in figures.

Political party, The Christian Democratic Union (CDA), expressed their worry on the issue. They will soon be presenting a proposal to increase the market position of traditional street merchants.

CDA chairman Sander van Waveren told, “Many markets are suffering from loss of customers and revenue. That’s a shame because markets contribute to the city’s cosy atmosphere.

Sander continued, “With some practical changes we think we can give the markets the boost required to remain operating. For example at the market in Vleuten, we know that there is a desire for shops to be open throughout the evening because most people are likely to go shopping after work.”

The CDA would like customers to have more influence on the diversity of markets and overall atmosphere created by their presence. In fact, the entire responsibility of setting up and managing the market place should be placed in the hands of the citizens themselves as far as the CDA are concerned.

Sander continued, “The market in Kanaleneiland consists mainly of textiles and clothing while the demand for green grocers is higher. Stall should also be made available as quickly as possible to ensure innovative merchants are able to start selling the products and services with minimal delay.

The CDA also blames the lack of information available online for the decline in visitors. Most customers want to know what kind of markets are available before heading down to shop. The municipality should take more responsibility in ensuring that customers are timely informed about the kind of markets operating at any given day.

The first public marketplace began operating in 1910 making outdoor shopping the norm on weekends. Utrecht outdoor markets of today consist of everything from biological green grocers, fishmongers and ironmongers to merchants of local dairy products and flowers to name a few.

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