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Today the Municipality of Utrecht presents rainbow agenda for 2019-2022

This contains existing and new actions that should increase the acceptance, visibility and safety of LGBT people in Utrecht.

With the new actions, priority will be given to the role of the municipality and to informing newcomers to the city during civic integration.

For example, the municipality will look to see how it can improve communication with citizens. They also want to ensure that all immigrants receive information about sexual diversity and gender diversity within the city.

In addition, the municipality will promote contracted care providers to obtain the ‘Pink Loper’ certificate, a certificate that must promote the social acceptance of LGBT people in care institutions. The security of the LGBT community must also be increased by, among other things,looking for an increase in the reporting and declaration of incidents.

The Rainbow Agenda has to be in collaboration with all residents

“Utrecht is a city that has an enormous wealth of diversity”,

Says Alderman Linda Voortman (public service and diversity).

“Everyone should feel at home here and be safe and be that way.”

The Rainbow Agenda was drawn up in collaboration with residents, representatives of rainbow organizations, police and emergency services.

The agenda is always set for four years.

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