Utrecht officials not completely satisfied with new town hall building

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Officials working at the new Utrecht Municipal building are slightly dissatisfied about their new working environment. That conclusion is based on the results of a recent survey published by the Central Works Council on Tuesday.

More than half (55.7 percent) of the 1,391 officers who completed the questionnaire said they found it difficult to find adequate work space although 73.5 percent of respondents did appreciate the look and functionality of the buildings interior in its entirety.

Many are also distressed by the long waiting queues for toilets and vending machines while another 70 percent think the new building is just too noisy.

Innovators are now looking to implement a new software application that will make it possible for officials to find free work space at any given moment. This would greatly save time having to walk around the building for a place to sit.

To counteract the noise, suggestions have been brought forward to add  more sound-absorbing materials to the walls. Many internal glass structures may also have to be restructured to absorb more noise rather than dissipate it.

The new Utrecht Town Hall was inaugurated in October. Mayor Jan van Zanen spoke of the inauguration as, “a memorable moment for the city.”

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