Utrecht Municipality to announce program budget for 2019

The Utrecht Municipality has announced the annual program budget for 2019. This figure lies around the 90 million Euro mark.

Motives for the increase in budget are to improve the quality of life for those living in Utrecht and to decrease the amount vehicle users. The budget will also go towards improving the city’s infrastructure, educational buildings and tackling the city’s poverty issues through methods like debt prevention. The budget will also be attributed towards dealing with issues like the shortage of living space and making the employment market more accessible for those with a vocational background and education. In return, expect an increase in parking tariffs for example; this to accommodate the rise in budget but also to make parking space more available.

The budget will also be attributed towards dealing with issues like the shortage of living space and making the employment market more accessible.

Political parties reacted to the propositions; the CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal) announced that more should be more invested in quality of life in certain neighbourhoods, improved health care and sporting associations to ensure the citizens remain fit for life.

The PvdA (Labor Party) were also slightly skeptical of the proposed changes; they mentioned that improved health care is a good thing but didn’t like the idea that people should stand up for themselves or seek within their network for issues that require medical intervention. The Labor Party also were definitely not in favour of placing residential properties intended for the purpose of social housing on the merchant market. This results in high rental prices and residences appearing on neo-rental sites such as AirBnb which most Dutch municipalities are not supportive of.

Many debates are set to follow regarding the announcement of a new budget for 2019. The exact amount will be made known on the 8th of November.

Image credit: Financial Budget by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

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