Utrecht gets its first packing-less shop: introducing ‘Bag & Buy’

An eco-friendly shop. That seems to be the new upcoming trend according to ‘Bag & Buy’; a shop where the products are sold directly from the container. It’s no wonder customers are stopping by with their own packaging.

When you enter Bag & Buy, you can tell thing are done a bit differently. Firstly, you notice that everything is presented in wholesale form. Nuts, coffee beans, olive oil; you can have it as long as you bring something to put it in.

This traditional shopping concept is being revived for the sake of the environment. The customer also benefits not having to settle the packaging and marketing costs. The prices are very reasonable made possible through bulk buying.

Wim van Dijk, initiator of the business told, “I first came across such stores in the United States and got inspired. It’s fantastic that you can decide exactly how much you want to buy.”

Photo courtesy: VitaeMagazine.nl

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Michael Darmanin

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