Utrecht businessman may have been kidnapped

Confusion in the city of Utrecht as 61-year old businessman Geurt Bagchus goes missing. Out of fear that he has been kidnapped, police have already begun an investigation into whether he could have been kidnapped.

Bagchus is owner of a runner’s shop called Run-Inn situated in the Oog in Al neighbourhood. Upon investigating his shop, they located one of his shoes; that makes it very possible he could be wearing one shoe at the moment.

A married man, with a daughter from his previous marriage. She was interrogated and denied any knowledge of his whereabouts. “I know what happened, but I don’t want to share that with you,” she commented.

Investigators believe Bagchus was beaten up before he was taken away from his shop premises by some local thugs. The owner of a nearby shop said he had a dispute with these people. “He doesn’t let himself get intimidated,” the shop owner said.

The disappearance of Bagchus is the talk of the day and has most of the community puzzled by his disappearance. They knew him as a nice man with a passion for running.

Karin van Santen from the next door clothing shop is anxious about the situation. “Oog in Al is like a small village. Everyone knows each other and everyone knows Geurt. This hits us hard.”

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  1. April 8, 2014

    […] the necessity to investigate the incident since there was now clear motive for his disappearance. It was initially believed that he may have been kidnapped. Throughout his neighbourhood, Oog in Al, there have been rumors circulating that Bagchus may have […]

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