Utrecht answers call for sustainability

Photo of Utrecht Canal by Ulrich Lehmann
Photo of Utrecht Canal by Ulrich Lehmann

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From solar panels to circular living spaces, Utrecht has made large strides in the path to a greener city.

Improvements in 2019

The Sustainability and Energy Progress Reports for 2019 for the city of Utrecht were released last month. Their contents were published by the city here.


Last year, the proportion of solar panels on roofs in the region increased from 9,5% to 13%.

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Geplaatst door Gemeente Utrecht op Zaterdag 2 mei 2020

Over the year, 69 new roof gardens were installed, some by residents of the city. A large amount of bus stop shelters in the city also received roof gardens.

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Geplaatst door Gemeente Utrecht op Dinsdag 21 april 2020


Last year a new hub for clean transportation vehicles was opened in Lage Weide. This means that transportation of goods into the city center is becoming cleaner and that air quality in the center will become better.


After a 2019 agreement with the company Greenchoice, 100% of all electricity purchased by the government was green. The electricity, produced from wind energy, powers municipality buildings, street lamps, and countless other government-affiliated constructions.

Utrecht Science Park

The city of Utrecht is asking the government for 5 million euro to help transition the Utrecht Science park away from natural gas power.

The area has 128 businesses and 2.600 student living spaces. Utrecht University wants to have several buildings in the area transitioned away from natural gases by 2028.

A member of the municipal assembly, Lot van Hooijdonk, expressed satisfaction with the initiative, ‘We are pleased with the parties’ great ambitions.’

Bike paths

Construction in the Voorstraat beginning this month will include more bicycle and walking paths, making it easier for bike commuters to travel into the center of the city.

The goal of the construction is to make the area more livable and encourage car-free transportation.

Een mooiere Voorstraat en Wittevrouwenstraat met meer ruimte voor voetgangers en fietsers: vanaf 6 mei beginnen we met…

Geplaatst door Gemeente Utrecht op Woensdag 29 april 2020


An agreement is expected to be signed this month to begin the construction next year of forty sustainable residences in the are of Leeuwesteyn in the Leidsche Rijn.

The living spaces will be equipped with water pumps and solar panels and there will be a large focus on the concept of circularity in design. In the buildings and nearby businesses systems will be put into place to collect and use rainwater.

You can read more about the goals of the living spaces here.

Source: Gemeente Utrecht

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