Ticket Sharing at Utrecht Central

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It is one of the fastest growing Facebook pages: “Utrecht Central Train Ticket Sharing” and the concept is simple. Via the page travelers can let others know that their ticket is no longer needed. You can then state exactly what route the ticket is for and where you will leave it at the station.

“Make someone happy” is the statement on the page that has over 2,600 likes. Commuters can make use of the fact that if your ticket has not been used or checked it could just be used again.

Some people call it “stingy” and say that it takes money from the dutch railways. But, according to the Facebook page, the NS has a habit of doing the same. Over a year ago, Volkskrant reported that the NS had avoided paying taxes for at least 250 million euro. The managing company of the NS had set up a tax route through Ireland. National politics was very critical of this approach of the NS. The media forum “Tros Radar” mentions that the initiators of this Facebook page wanted to send a message to the NS: “Costs of public transport have reached their limit”.

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