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The School of Life Festival comes to Utrecht

Last updated 2 years ago by Jon Wilkins

The School of Life Festival 2019.

A chance to find out what exactly is the meaning of… well everything!

Saturday March 2

11:00 till  19:00

After the success of their first festival, you can now follow their most popular programs of the past year in 2019 all in one day. This is a unique experience with a new programme of talks from famous philosophers, writers and other thinkers. there will also be the chance to attend small workshops and intimate conversations. All with one goal: to make you think more clearly about the most important questions in your own daily life. This will be an unforgettable day with the best people, drinks and lots of fun.

During The School of Life Festival the organisers will transform TivoliVredenburg into a marketplace of ideas and encounters where you can enjoy talks, mini-classes, conversations and experiments.  You will be able to learn all about work and career, love and relationships, calm and tranquility, friendship and being alone, self-knowledge and depth, creativity and playfulness. They will use the ideas of the Greeks, the ancient Chinese and modern philosophers, as well as consulting famous psychologists and psychiatrists to find some of the answers and they draw upon science, art and literature to offer visitors a chance to sharpen their own thoughts.

You will be able to relax in the Garden of Epicurus, step inside the library with your own issues, relax on the sofa at Sigmund Freud and be surprised by unusual conversations about daily life with a beer at the bar.

The amazing line up of activities available are:

Fokking busy –  Thijs Launspach

Do you feel that you are always behind things and never have enough time? You’re not the only one. Pressure seems the new normal. In this talk, psychologist Thijs Launspach gives a sober and practical answer to the question: How do I stay stressful in a crowded time?

The art of failure –  Martijn de Rijk

Where does our desire for perfection come from? And how are we in the way? In this talk we get comforting insights from philosophy, psychology and art to learn to fail better. Because no one is free from failures!

Why work does not make it happy –  Menno de Bree

As we get older, the fairy tales we believe in are getting more and more sophisticated. If we still believe in Sinterklaas as a child, as an adult we believe in self-realization and happiness – and the idea that this can be obtained through work. In this talk, Menno de Bree explains why this is great nonsense and why this fairy tale only makes you unhappy.

Vacancy for yourself –  Ghieslaine Guardiola

In this interactive session you will investigate what your perfect job would be.

Playing at work –  Wicher Schols

We often think that playing is something for children. In our work we keep ourselves busy with serious matters. But actually there is not as much fun as playing at work.

Confidence at work –  Aart Goedhart

What is self-confidence? Is it learning? And what is it influenced by? In this talk Aart Goedhart takes a critical look at our ideas about self-confidence.

Thinking clearly about feeling – clean  rack

You recognize the best. How do you develop this elusive quality? Reine Rek puts the best thoughts from philosophy, neuroscience and psychology in this talk.

The art of conversation – Wicher Schols

During this talk, we investigate what makes the conversations we have at work tedious or valuable. And how we can influence this ourselves.

All questions about work  – Josine Peters, Thijs Launspach, Reine Rek & Wassila Hachchi Have

Take your question to this interview. Or be surprised by the questions of others. Our panel of ‘experts’ takes every question seriously.

The philosophy of love and sex –  Menno de Bree

We want the good life. But it is not that simple. Both love and sex are often a source of misery and despair for us humans. During this talk philosopher Menno de Bree shows why it is so difficult now.

Friends for life –  Lammert Kamphuis

How often do you really take the time to reflect on your friendships? How do you see your friends? And how do they look at you?

How do I fall in love? –  Jan Drost

Based on the seven phases of infatuation defined by Stendhal, philosopher Jan Drost will map during this talk what happens from the first moment of admiration to full love.

Why you should not make it (yet) –  Mimi Ferrer

This talk is not about finding the perfect relationship, but asks you the question: when is it good enough?

Break through your relationship patterns – Ruud Maas

As a human being, we quickly fall into patterns. Not only do we sit down in the same place every time, we also communicate with each other in the same way.

Love in art –  Frederike Upmeijer

Art has been filled with love for centuries. Frederike Upmeijer takes you on a journey through art history and shows you how love has been looked through over the centuries.

The Art of Parenthood – Frank Meester

There is plenty of parenting  advice at this time. Parents, friends and especially random people on internet forums and social media seem to know exactly how things should be done. . How do you find your way in this parenting maze? In this talk, Frank Meester addresses the philosophy.

All questions about love –  Jan Drost, Wassila Hachchi, Ruud Maas and Mimi Ferrer

Then take your question to this interview. Or be surprised by the questions of others. Our panel of ‘experts’ takes every question seriously. Maybe you get an answer, maybe you get more or maybe you get a question back.

You can learn to rebel –  Eva Rovers

Rebellion is not just for adolescents or activists; it is good for everyone. Writer Eva Rovers shows how rebellion can help you and the world through the French philosopher Albert Camus and the African Ubuntu philosophy.

You choose to do so –  Frits Philips

“It’s our choices that show what we really are, far more than our abilities,” Dumbledore said in the first Harry Potter.

The meaning of life –  Jaap van der Spek

Often we do not have conversations about the meaning of life until we have drunk too much. What do you think is a meaningful life? And what do you want to change to experience that in your life?

Thinking differently about difference –  Renate Ships

Dealing with difference is often difficult, we want a solution. From the African philosophy of complementary thinking and Ubuntu, difference is seen as an important addition. On the basis of the work of the Nigerian philosopher Sophie Oluwole and the South African philosopher Mogobe Ramose, we examine together how we can complement each other instead of attacks.

What did you expect –  Jan Wolter Bijleveld

The Roman philosopher Seneca said it all: expectations are the source of frustration and disappointment. In this talk you will find out what you can then learn from these frustrations and disappointments about yourself and your expectations of the world.

How am I a bad person? – Remko van Broekhoven

Not many people have the goal to be bad. And yet we all do bad things.  Remko van Broekhoven focuses on the seven deadly sins in this talk.

All questions about Self-Knowledge- Eva Rovers, Remko van Broekhoven, Jan Wolter Bijleveld and Wassila hachchi

Then take your question to this interview. Or be surprised by the questions of others. Our panel of ‘experts’ takes every question seriously. Maybe you get an answer, maybe you get more or maybe you get a question back.

Jon Wilkins
Jon Wilkins
Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.


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