Tax office to recover millions in fraud money

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The tax office are to recover some 3 million euro in excessive tax rebates and social funding paid out to the citizens in Utrecht over the last few years. Additionally, the municipality expects to save another half a million by cancelling pending social benefits that are scheduled to be paid out.

Previous investigations have revealed that the neighbourhoods of Ondiep, Overvecht, Kanaleneiland and the districts around the Amsterdamsestraatweg are generally regarded as the townships most susceptible to the abuse of tax rebates and social funding.

The inquiry, in its entirety, is being carried out through a joint co-operation between the municipality, tax office, local police squads and other organisations with an interest in public social benefits. So far, some 258 addresses and another 244 business entities are coming under scrutiny, most of them, with possible assets in foreign countries.

The Utrecht municipality have already shut down a number of businesses because their practices were not in line with the requirements of the tax office.

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