Student jumps through window at Uithof campus

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A student under the influence of psychedelic drugs decided to jump through the window of his campus residence at de Uithof; a popular campus for international students.

The 24 year old student unfortunately lost his life after he landed the fall from the eighth story of the Cambridgelaan. The Cambridgelaan has a sensitive history of students jumping or falling out of windows.

Since the incident, there have been a number of complaints about the construction of the windows and their safety. Each window is made up of two sliding panes, each 1 centimeter in thickness. With just a single window pane shut, that makes it very possible to jump through a window. Anyone under the influence of heavy psychedelics is very likely to do something as ridiculous as jumping out of a window.

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  1. Avatar Pieter says:

    Gast verdiep je beter in de gebeurtenis voordat je een stuk schrijft. De jongen is gevallen, toen hij in zijn trip zat. Hij is niet gesprongen en heeft het ook nooit besloten! Hij was daar op een feest. Hij woonde daar niet. Schrijf het AD niet klakkeloos over A.U.B! Denk aan de nabestaande.

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