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Stadsbaan Tunnel closed from Monday for safety reasons

Last updated 3 months ago by Michael Darmanin

Starting Monday, August 10th, the Stadsbaan Tunnel at Leidsche Rijn will be closed until October 5th, forcing motorists to avoid the area or follow the detour. See map below for exact location:

The closure follows an investigation last July in which engineers determined that there were fire and safety issues for travelers and upgrades were required. Specifically, certain building materials were found to be less than adequate in withstanding a major fire for more than a couple hours, so a solution was quickly developed. 

Fire resistant panels

Over the next two months, workers will install a sequence of fire resistant panels for the length of the tunnel. Officials say local residents living above the structure may hear loud noises or feel vibrations related to the repair, especially late at night. This is because the work will continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet the October deadline. The work is already late to start, due mainly to corona virus delays and related scheduling issues.

Traffic jams expected

Local and thru traffic in North Utrecht will be deeply affected by the closure. Neighborhoods nearby can expect more commuters than normal and high numbers well into the evening. Detours have been designed for minimal disruption, but some inconvenience will occur. As of Monday, August 10, more enforcement crews and traffic police will be dispatched to handle the situation, especially around school areas, St. Antonius Hospital and in the Terwijde neighborhood (see maps below).

Stay up to date about the latest developments on this front by checking the link in the source below.

Source: Utrecht Municipality

Jeffrey Scott Pearson
Jeffrey Scott Pearson
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