Social housing in Utrecht considerably more expensive

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Social housing in Utrecht as well as Amsterdam has become considerably more expensive last year. New tenants paid a hundred Euros more on average.

This was reported by the Volkskrant on Monday, after a tour of two housing associations in these two cities.

Published figures from Aedes (The society for housing assosiations) confirmed that recently vacated houses are increasingly becoming unaffordable for the lower incomes, and that the number of evictions is growing. The number of evictions grew by 8 percent in comparison to last year, to 6980.

According to the newspaper the rents are increased by a hundred Euros, in the more expensive market areas, when a new tenant moves in, often to just below the social rent limit of 699 Euros.

Rental fee
Housing associations apparently see no other possibility then to increase the rents. Because of the rental fee imposed by the government they need extra funds.

Chairman of the Amsterdam federation of housing associations Hans van Harten names the fee as the cause of the higher rents. All parties that have been involved in the realization of this fee are being sanctimonious.

According to PVDA candidate and member of the municipal council tasked with residential affairs Gilbert Isabella from Utrecht, the associations could also cut costs on their operational management.

The spokesman for minister of residential affairs Stef Blok also thinks the corporations “have more options to compensate for the rental fee”.  “They could sell off more of their own assets.”

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