Renovation of historical monuments to cost around 220 million euro

The refurbishment of at least 2,800 monuments in the province of Utrecht could end up costing some 220 million euros in total according to a new report on Tuesday. The price does not include the restoration of monumental houses that are still being inhabited to this day.

There has been a considerable delay to the maintenance of historical structures within the province due to the return on investment; just three euros return for every euro invested.

For restorations to begin on all structures, an appeal needs to be made by the Utrecht Municipality and property owners towards government. The National Restoration Fund should provide most of the liquidity that is needed should the decision to start renovations pass legislation.

The Utrecht Municipality itself has allocated their own budget of 3.5 million euro to go towards such restoration projects. In 2015, refurbishments will commence on certain structures in need of dire attention like the Cunerakerk in Rhenen.

Photo: A view from the Cunerakerk in Rhenen.

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