RAUM brings Berlin to Utrecht

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Great news, something to cheer everyone in Utrecht up!

The new Berliner Garten festival is coming to bring Berlin to Utrecht. You will be able to enjoy all the fun of Berlin at home in Utrecht, from strolling around at the vintage market Le Bazarre to attending colourful kite demonstration

On Sunday 7 April, RAUM is organizing a free outdoor festival with ‘the best of Berlin’. The Berliner Garten event is all about the open and casual atmosphere of the German capital. Visitors can stroll along the stalls at the Utrecht flea market Le Bazarre, dance along during a Dabke workshop and watch a grand kite demonstration.

This RAUM hopes will show why Berlin is a city that is an example of a social and dynamic city life, where the squares, parks and streets are fully used by the residents of the city.

Berliner Garten will be the first edition of a recurring outdoor festival that experiments with all kinds of beautiful things that Berlin has to offer. The event takes place every quarter – entirely appropriate – at the Berlin square in Utrecht where RAUM is located. This place is open and accessible to everyone and is all about experiencing, meeting and experiencing. With the free event Berliner Garten, RAUM wants to give an extra boost to new city life in Leidsche Rijn.

A regular part of the festival will be the Utrecht market Le Bazarre. There you will find numerous stalls with vintage, design and regional products during Berliner Garten. In addition, there is a classic beer garden every quarter with weizen beer, snacks and long beer benches. The rest of the programme varies each time, because during and after each edition, visitors decide for themselves which ‘Berlin’ activities they want to see again the next time.

The programme

A workshop Dabke is planned for Sunday 7 April by Dreaming of Syria. A traditional, festive folk dance that is practiced in the Middle East and is inspired by the annual Karneval der Kulturen parade in Berlin. Young visitors can use their energy and creativity to build a hut in Bauspielplatz. In addition, a kite demonstration is also on the program. This show is based on Das Festival der Riesendrachen, where artists from all over Europe come together in Berlin’s Tempelhof city park to show their flying creations. Finally, visitors can experience one of the wind suits that the Amsterdam artist Clarinde Wesselink has designed. Wesselink is inspired by the unlimited creative space that she experiences as a performance artist in Berlin. More information about the program? Click here.

Berlin as a source of inspiration

No city in Europe is as green and focused on public city life as Berlin. It connects people with all its markets, biergartens, open-air cinemas, parades and outdoor festivals. The many meeting places bring people from different backgrounds into contact with each other. Berlin is characterized by its openness, togetherness and creativity. The German capital is an inspiring example for RAUM of a successful public city life.

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Jon Wilkins

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