Queen Máxima to celebrate the 20th birthday of Leidsche Rijn

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Queen Máxima will help Utrecht celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Leidsche Rijn district on 5 October at the Brusselsplein in Leidsche Rijn Centrum.

Utrecht and the Leidsche Rijn Foundation are honoured that the Queen will visit the neighbourhood. Queen Máxima will walk through Leidsche Rijn Centre and speaks to the residents of the neighbourhood including those who live in the studio apartments in De Kersenboomgaard and the Place2BU project, where young adults live together.

Leidsche Rijn is the largest new construction site in the Netherlands. What was once about 2,500 hectares ofgreen pastures and the villages of Vleuten, De Meern and Haarzuilens, is now the western part of Utrecht. The first building started in December 1997 and in October 1998 the first residents settled in Langerak. It wasn’t long before the neighbourhoods of De Balije, De Woerd, Parkwijk, Terwijde, Het Zand, Vleuterweide, Veldhuizen, Grauwaart, Hoge Weide and Leidsche Rijn Centre were built.

With a population of 85,000 inhabitants, a quarter of Utrecht residents live in Leidsche Rijn. When Leidsche Rijn is finally completed, a total of over 110,000 people will live here.

After twenty years of building houses and the construction of the Máximapark between Vleuten-De Meern and Utrecht, Utrecht has a district where the residents feel a great deal of pride in their surroundings. The residents have organized many activities to celebrate the 20 years of the Leidsche Rijn using the slogan ’20 years of New Neighbours’.

On Friday afternoon, October 5, the entire Leidsche Rijn will celebrate the official birthday party on the Brussels square in the newest part of Leidsche Rijn: Leidsche Rijn Centre, which is the second city centre of Utrecht, a link connecting the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ city of Utrecht.

At the birthday party, Mayor Jan van Zanen will accompany Queen Máxima on a walk where she will also speak to residents of special living projects in Leidsche Rijn, the ‘Special New Neighbours’. This is followed by a musical programme with the Leidsche Rijn youth. Queen Máxima will then cut a large birthday cake, together with children and resident.

Source: utrecht.nieuws.nl
Image credit: “Queen Maxima in Hamburg” (CC BY 2.0) by Photo YourSpace

Will you be attending the ceremonies? Do you remember what it was like before the building started? Do you have special memories from that time? Do you live there, what’s it like? Let us know. Perhaps tweet us on @utrechtcentral

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