Priesthood education returns to Utrecht

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The priesthood education will be returning to Utrecht starting September 2014. So says the archdiocese Utrecht on it’s website. The aspiring priests are going to live in the Ariënsinstituut and will be following their academic education at the Faculteit Katholieke Theologie (FKT), that has recently settled in the city center of Utrecht.

In 2010 the priesthood education in Utrecht was closed due to a lack of students and financial means. From 2010 students were educated in the diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam. Cardinal Eijk is happy about being able to once again establish the priesthood education in Utrecht.

The eight students from Utrecht that are studying at the Tiltenberg in the diocese Haarlem-Amsterdam at the moment, will all be transferring to Utrecht this fall. Later this year they will be joined by four members of the Colombian congregation ‘Misioneros de Cristo Maestro’ (missionaries of Christ teacher). They will live in their own community and will be following their priesthood education in Utrecht as well, afterwards they will be employed as priests in the archdiocese of Utrecht.

There are several reasons for the re-establishment of the priesthood education in Utrecht. For one the remote location of the Tiltenberg is causing more practical problems then were expected beforehand, especially concerning the ’embedding’ of the students into the archdiocese. Secondly the financial situation of the archdiocese is better then in 2010: after the drastic reorganization of the curie, the archdiocese Utrecht has slowly stabilized financially.

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