Pop Up store with a difference at Centraal Station

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A brand new feature has appeared at Central Station; a pop-up store where you can buy socks and also view a special exhibition. This is an interesting project courtesy of the Alzheimers Centre and can be found alongside Platform 18.

Called the “Sock Up Store,” it has all the information you will need about the Week of Dementia and is an initiative of the Alzheimer Centre. They want to draw attention to the crippling disease, that is now becoming so common, Alzheimer’s. This will be done by sharing information, but also through selling Alzheimer’s socks which are designed by Naomi and her Alzheimer’s patient grandpa Willem. They symbolize the confusion with which people have to deal with when they have Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. All of the proceeds are to be used for research, so this is a great chance to stock up your sock drawer!

Read here the story of the design process of the socks on the alzheimersocks page.

You will also be able to view a special exhibition called “Forget-me-song,” which is an incredible project by singer Kim Erkens. Kim has made 50 video portraits of people with dementia. In the videos she sings for these people a song that means a lot to them and that produces very special images! It is a well-known therapy to sing or use music to remind sufferers of Alzheimer’s of their past and often produces incredible results.

Images courtesy of @alzheimersocks on Instagram

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