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Deliveroo and the police have launch the “Ride to Find” campaign today. Deliveroo couriers will deliver meals in the Netherlands for a month with posters of missing persons on their delivery bag. With this effort, the police hope to receive valuable tips about five long-term missing persons.

“Mis je mei?”
The month of May is “Mis je mei?”, literally translated to “Miss you May?” – month in the Netherlands, intended to give extra attention to missing person cases in the month of May. That is immediately the starting point at which around 100 Deliveroo couriers drive around cities with a modified delivery bag. Many people will come face to face with one of the five people who are long-term missing. The disappearance posters are also shared via social media to give the action national attention.
With the Deliveroo initiative, the police hope to receive instructions about the five missing persons. Attention to missing people, no matter how long they are gone, remains important. National Missing Persons Office Neeltje Wagenaar commented, “Every attention for missing people helps. The worst thing for those left behind is not knowing where their loved one is. We hope that this promo with Deliveroo will provide information that would ultimately lead to clarity about the missing persons in question.”
Deliveroo couriers responded enthusiastically to the opportunity to contribute to the initiative. They cycle through many neighborhoods in cities in the Netherlands to deliver food and are thus seen by many people. By displaying poster of missing persons during their work, they support an important goal”, says Stijn Verstijnen, director of the Netherlands at Deliveroo. “We hope that our Ride to Find campaign will help reunite the missing people with their loved ones.”
True media hype
It is the first time that this collaboration has taken place in the Netherlands. In December 2018, the same campaign in the United Kingdom, with the organization Missing People, caused a real media hype. Three of the missing persons were found there during the campaign. In Belgium, too, attention was paid to the Ride to Find campaign in January of this year. There attention was requested for missing children through the Child Focus organization. In the Netherlands, the more than 2,500 Deliveroo deliverers are encouraged, in addition to the campaign, to share the link to the missing persons page of the police via social media. In the run-up to the Day of the Missing Child, on 25 May, Deliveroo will also pay attention to AMBER Alert.
Contact details for missing persons
Everyone who has information about one of these disappearance cases is encouraged to call the police. This is possible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day via 0900-8844.
Five long-term missing persons
Who is it about?
• James Patrick Grealis, 35 years old and missing from Breda since October 23, 2008;
• Bas Rossen, 63 years old and missing from Breda since 15 January 2017;
• Jeroen de Wit, 32 years old and missing from Leimuiden since 18 February 2018;
• Sidney Lute, 21 years old and missing from Assendelft since November 2, 2016;
• Dirk van den Belt, 82 years old and missing from Kampen on 8 April 2018;

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