Placebo XTC pills to be handed out on Koningsdag

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Youth from the political party ‘Democrats 66’ will be handing out fake XTC pills on King’s Day (Koningsdag). The initiative is part of a larger ongoing plan to inform youths about the dangers of not testing XTC pills before consuming them.

XTC pills may often contain a number of other substances than MDMA. MDMA is the name of the chemical that is known to produce feelings of euphoria, energy and intimacy with others. It is often known by its slang names such as ‘X’, ‘ecstasy’ or ‘E’.

“When we hand out the pills, we will be telling them that they are placebo. We want the message to get through to youngsters that you can only be sure of what you are taking if you test first,” said Ayla Schneiders in Dutch newspaper, Het Parool.

Ayla continued, “With the current drugs policy, adolescents are at risk of receiving pills that pose a hazard to their health.”

The D66 youths will be handing out placebo pills at the Janskerkhof on the 30th of April.

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