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New transport routes in accordance with Luxembourg standards

Utrecht has been assigned a new public transport map in accordance with Luxembourg standards.

U-OV, the company operating buses and trams in Utrecht, commissioned Jug Cerovic, an urban architect from the city of Paris, to build a new map for Utrecht based on the principles developed earlier for Luxembourg. After a pleasant and fertile cooperation, he was able to produce a new map that is adorning the bus stops.

The resulting new map is a big improvement on multiple levels. It shows the bus lines frequencies, in a binary mode: frequent (thick line) / Less frequent (thin line). It also help users understand the network the lines are grouped by colors according to their characteristics or destinations, see below:

  • Train line (Blue)
  • Tram lines (Yellow)
  • Bus lines terminating at Utrecht Central Station (green)
  • Bus lines going through the city center (Purple)
  • Bus lines serving De Uithof Campus (Orange)
  • Tangent bus lines (brown)
  • Local bus line (pink)All services are shown on the map: 3 bus companies, tram, train

utrechtcentral.com - New transport map

The center of the city, where distances are walkable, is represented geographically to help pedestrian connections. The periphery is schematized but topologically accurate. Furthermore, all angles are multiples of 30° which corresponds to the main urban layout axis. Some nice landmarks and waterways help orientation while accessible stations are signaled by a small blue dot.

You can see the map and design notes on my website here: http://www.inat.fr/map/utrecht/. And on the official u-ov website here http://u-ov.info/plan-mijn-reis/lijninformatie/lijnennetkaart/#13/52.0748/5.1237 and here u-ov.info/index.php/download_file/view/1073/371/.

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