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Plans have been unveiled for a brand new park on Smakkelaarsveld. Work will start in 2019 and the new park is due for completion in 2022 as well as three residential buildings and catering establishments with an underground bike park.

The project on land which has been used mainly as an open-air bicycle parking facility in recent years, is going to make a huge difference to the area. To enable the park to be as large as possible, the tram and bus lane will be built over it. This will create a unique site and because of the height differences, a space will thus be created under the park. This space is intended for new bicycle parking, a small water feature and a cultural-social themed area.

In the middle of the park will be a small restaurant based in a pavilion with a terrace.

The Leidse Rijn will be extended and connected to the Catharijnesingel. Three bridges will ensure that the Smakkelaarsveld will be accessible from all sides. There will be three residential projects with a total of around 150 homes being built.

Image credit: By Ronaldhuizer [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

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Jon Wilkins

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