New Mayor to be Appointed for Utrecht by 2014

Utrecht Town Hall building. Photo by Martin Woortman on Unsplash.
Utrecht Town Hall building. Photo by Martin Woortman on Unsplash.

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According to recent reports, the Labour Party has propositioned that the new mayor of Utrecht need not come from a political background. The candidate can also hail from a business background as long as he or she possesses the right attributes for the job.

According to the Trust Committee, an ideal contender will be a good networker, be resilient and have a strong passion for public order and safety. The candidate will be a good role model and have the necessary dose of humour to work in the public sector.

The labour party is hoping that they will have more women applying for the post as in other municipalities the difference between men and women holding public office is quite evident. They wish to bridge this gap in the near future by having more women hold such posts in the public divisions.

Currently, the new mayor’s residence has not been decided upon but its clear from Committee members’ talks that he or she will be living in the city. The current city mayor Wolfsen is presently living in a rental property supported by the town and according to Vincent Oldenborg, member of the Confidential Committee; at this time the Mayor’s residence is not a matter of precedence.

The vacancy for the new mayor of Utrecht will be released in September when the Trust Committee will start assessing the candidates for this coveted position; the appointment of new mayor is expected to follow shortly after, in early 2014.


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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Usman says:

    I agree with the statement that new mayor has no need of political background but whoever will be elected! Must have strong command and control! And able to address the issues of locals.
    Good article 🙂

  2. Avatar Marcus says:

    Indeed. They can start by renovating the outside of the Central Station; it’s a cradle of filth. And Mr. Mayor, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get my old account back on Woningnet so that I can live happily ever after.

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