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In a unique collaboration under the guidance of Marc Koehler architects and residents of the new ‘superloft blok y’ people in Utrecht are able to design their own homes.

Initially designed as an open building, the ‘superloft blok y’ forms part of a project, started by Marc Koehler architects (MKA), which is focused on flexibility, participation, and adaptability together with the new owners. The initiative offers the chance for the new owners to customize, design and build their own apartments and shared spaces together with the architects to make sure everybody is happy with the result. As a consequence, the project results in radical flexibility, collective character and high level of sustainability as can be seen in the photographs.


MKA’s five-story building is made up of a framework that is then independently designed by the inhabitants. In ‘blok y’ there are 30 super-lofts with five different designs, from the smaller XS lofts (70 sqm) to the largest family lofts (145 sqm) This leads to a rich diversity of dwellings and a satisfyingly mixed community. New homeowners have a completely virgin space that together with the architects they can customize including both the existing floor plan and the exterior.

MKA’s five-story building is made up of a framework that is then independently designed by the inhabitants.

The open concrete framework is organized into varying formats with two or three floors having a single or double facade, some with a roof terrace, balcony, or garden. Their unique layouts are designed to allow future change, for example, by incorporating an elevator or partitions to reconfigure the interior.

The framework of double-height windows brings light deep into the apartments. The attractive frontage is the result of the varying size of the loft exteriors, with their different entrances, balconies, and window configurations. At night, there is the engaging vista of the modules glowing interiors that animate the framework so reflecting the changing activity within.

These are unusual living spaces created by the uniqueness that every occupant brings to the architects table. A really positive idea for Utrecht.

What do you think, is this how you would like to live?

Is it your dream to design your own home?

Do you need this basic infrastructure or would you like to design from scratch?

Let us know your thoughts.

Image credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Nick Youngson / Alpha Stock Images

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Jon Wilkins

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