New anti virus measures as faculties soon to reopen

A young man waits for the bus with a safety mask on. Photo by CardMapr on Unsplash
A young man waits for the bus with a safety mask on. Photo by CardMapr on Unsplash

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As activities at the Utrecht Science Park and Rijnsweerd are starting to resume and faculties are once again re-opening their doors, what measures have been put in place to prevent the further spread of the corona virus?

Well for one, assume that the safety of those travelling to and from the faculties will remain paramount as long as the virus is active. Expect to see a number of structural changes to the transport infrastructure.

Bus and trams stops have been re-designed to allow more space while waiting. You will be expected to wear a protective face mask while waiting and using the public transport system.

Traffic controllers will become a frequent occurrence whose duty it will be to ensure that distancing measures are being properly applied at all times.

There will be extra monitoring measures in place to keep track of all forms of transport between Utrecht Central Station and Utrecht Science Park with the end-goal to ensure that situations do not get overcrowded.

Faculties are also creating timetables in such a way to prevent faculty buildings from becoming too overcrowded. Expect similar distancing rules to be in effect at your faculty while the majority of the lessons will be provided in an online setting.

The new anti corona virus measures have been devised as a result of a collaboration between the Municipality of Utrecht, Province of Utrecht, Utrecht University, Hogeschool Utrecht, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht Science Park Foundation and U-OV to name a few.

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