Neighbourhood not too keen on another red light district

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It’s only been one year since the red light district at the Zandpad was shut down and the fact that another brothel is on its way hasn’t exactly gotten the neighbourhood excited.

In fact, they are a bit outraged that new buildings are being constructed to accommodate sex workers considering it’s already hard enough to find a place in Utrecht.

“How is it possible that they will be coming to our neighbourhood again? This all surely doesn’t belong in a residential area?,” said a spokesman from the Overvecht district.

Just one year earlier, 162 boats were closed down due to serious suspicions of ‘foul play’ going on behind the curtains. Those boats had been operational for over four decades.

Members of the municipality will be gathering on Thursday to discuss the placement and design of the new structures some fifty meters from where the sex boats used to be.

Photo Credit: Thijs Rooimans

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