Multiplex cinema to open in 2015

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Utrecht is to receive its largest multiplex cinema to be inaugurated at the start of the annual Dutch Film Festival (NFF) in 2015. The new building, to be situated at the Jaarbeursplein, will have 15 screens and seating for some 3,500 visitors.

The decision was received with mixed reactions despite the fact that the proposal has remained in the ‘planning phase’ for a good 10 years now. Some have argued how there is a lack of good quality cinemas complexes and how this has affected the amount of choice in films. Others feel that Utrecht doesn’t really need another 15 screens arguing that it could cause existing cinemas to close down in an attempt to compete.

Most of the feedback however is positive. Many are looking forward to a cinema that is more comfortable and employs the latest in film viewing technology in a city that has been traditionally known for its love for the art of cinema.

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