Most likely political party coalition announced in Utrecht

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After Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Utrecht is likely to become the third major city where the popularity of the Labour Party (PvdA) is slowly fading. A coalition between D66, GreenLeft (GroenLinks), the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and the Social Party (SP) is the most likely scenario. D66 and the SP having done exceptionally well at the municipal elections on the 19th of March.

It is now widely believed nationwide that D66 and GroenLinks could very well be forming the very backbone of the new alliance with a possible merger between the VVD and another leftist party; in this case more likely SP than the PvdA, as far as GroenLinks are concerned.

D66 now eagerly await the response from the party leaders of GroenLinks, SP and the VVD to formally discuss what the new union will possibly look like and what will result from such a formation. “We are going for an agreement in principle. We want to give parties the space to agree on certain issues,” said chariman of D66 party in Utrecht, Klaas Verschuure.

Verschuure doesn’t expect too many complications to arise from the coalition. “There are just too many similarities between the parties based on the past conversation we’ve had,” told Verschuure. Klaas explained how all four parties are striving for a different kind of statutory influence on the city and its policies.

Verschuure could not effectively comment on the duration of the existence of the coalition. He explains, “As far as we concerned, it shouldn’t last longer than is required. On the other hand, it is important we start taking the right decisions with immediate effect. Quality over speed.”

D66 won 45 seats during the municipal elections on the 19th of March. GroenLinks gained 9 seats, the VVD and the PvdA claimed 5 seats while 4 seats were occupied by SP.

Read about the municipal elections that took place on 19 March here:

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