More than 3,000 bicycles fished from Utrecht canals annually

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Anywhere between 3,000 to 4,000 bicycles are fished out of the Utrecht canals annually according to a spokeswoman from the Utrecht town hall on Friday.

A number of men in overalls were already working on another round of bike fishing on Thursday. The routine of the day is to circle around in a boat with a large hook on the end. At least 50 cycles were removed from the murky depths that day.

Klaas Sims, chairman of social-liberal and progressive political party Democrats 66 (D66) told about astonishment in relation to the high the number of catches these days. He dreaded the very thought of even grasping the financial consequences.

On Twitter, the municipality told that they were not going to carry out research into the origin of the bicycles whether or not they were stolen. Instead, the rusty, metal scraps will find their final resting place at the local scrap yard for appropriate disposal.

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