Missing businessman returns from France

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The missing 61 year old businessman from Utrecht, Geurt Bagchus, is now thought to have spent the last three weeks in France. Sources say he has returned home to his family safe and sound while the police are investigating the disappearance.

A spokesperson to the family told about the necessity to investigate the incident since there was now clear motive for his disappearance. It was initially believed that he may have been kidnapped. Throughout his neighbourhood, Oog in Al, there have been rumors circulating that Bagchus may have become the victim of abuse and attacks.

The official declaration states that Bagchus’s location was identified by a French police bureau on Wednesday night last week. The spokesperson told how Bagchus seemed quite traumatized at first site but was furthermore in healthy condition. Bagchus himself and his family wish to leave the reasons for his disappearance undisclosed.

Authorities have ruled out any involvement of foul play so far.

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