Mayor discusses new prostitution zone in Overvecht

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A new red light zone in the district of Overvecht could incorporate a compact double-decker design according to a definitive decision by the mayor and aldermen or Utrecht. By stacking each window on top of each other, the total area of the prostitution zone is reduced while safety and supervision is preserved.

The windows will be placed along the Einsteindreef, a drove closely situated near the prostitution boats at the Zandpad. The Zandpad brothel was shutdown by authorities on the 15th of April on suspicions of human trafficking.

A second option is to have wide transparent windows all located on the ground floor. The third option is the green strip along the Zandpad close to the water treatment facility. This option is least favoured because it requires the costly rerouting of the current bicycle path. 

Regardless of the design, 162 windows in all will be placed which is the exact number of windows that were shut down the previous year at the sex boats on the Zandpad. The municipality Utrecht wants to retain the number of windows despite objections from the police and public ministry.

Residents of Overvecht are not satisfied about the return of the brothel. Chairman Jasper Fastl of the council comments, “The district can use some positive impulse, not negative.” Fastl told how the new brothel will include CCTV and adequate lighting. The council will also serve as an administrative group where residents can submit their complaints and where problems can be discussed.

The council will make their final decision on the design next week.

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