Manhattan bar serves beer from Utrecht

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If you’re in New York, and you’re looking for something to do, you might want to head down to the The Jeffrey in Manhattan. The bar has an international selection of beers; including recent brews from the Rooie Dop brewery in Utrecht to be served from Thursday.

Rooie Dop is the fastest growing brewery in the Netherlands initiated by three students just two years ago and situated in an underground cellar on the Oude Gracht.


The Rooie Dop brewery on the Oude Gracht

The Rooie Dop product range includes names like ‘Utrecht Strong Ale’, 24/7 Session Ale, Chica Americana and ‘The Grind’.

“Super hoppy Indian pale ales and imperial stouts were always our favourite types of beer. These extreme beer sorts are especially popular in America,” explained Mark Strooker, brewer and owner of Rooie Dop. “These beers are hardly available in the Netherlands so we decided to start brewing them ourselves.”

The Rooie Dop was nominated as ‘Best New Brewer of the Netherlands’ on the website Their selection is already available in more than 20 countries worldwide including in much of Europe, Taiwan, Canada and Australia.

The beers will also be featured at the Oregon Brewers Festival; one of the oldest beer festivals in the United States which attracts more then 80,000 visitors annually.

“For me, it’s all about the pleasure that comes with brewing: developing new recipes, testing, tasting and perfecting,” said Strooker.

Visit the Rooie Dop website:

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