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Local businesses in Utrecht remain sustainable

Last updated 6 months ago by Michael Darmanin

Slow Business

If you follow news about sustainability, you’ve probably heard the term “fast-fashion”.

[gard align=”left”]We’re watching fast fashion transition to slow fashion but there’s another micro-movement that’s been on the rise- slow tourism. Pop-up and concept stores along with cafes in Utrecht are promoting slow-tourism as a way to keep tourists environmentally-minded as well as get to know their destination in a more authentic way.

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the only way that seems possible to get to know a place at the moment is online, and some local businesses have made an impressive effort to keep customers engaged

From cafes to clothing stores, here are our top picks for businesses who have continued to stay connected online to deliver their services in utrecht. 

Eat & Drink

Working from home? That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good cup of coffee.

The Village Coffee & Music serves up a fantastic cup. One of their locations remains open (adhering to the safety regulations set out by the government), and they recently opened their online shop, so you can order to your home!

The future is here, after all this time we managed to open up our web-store, check it out at www.thevillagecoffee.nl….

Geplaatst door The Village Coffee & Music op Zaterdag 11 april 2020

They also deliver by bike in the city two times a week

If you’re living in the city and feel like stretching your legs rather than having a meal delivered to your home, check out the BakkersWinkel in Utrecht. Take that atmosphere into your home when you pre-order a delicious brunch or a full high-tea service!

Still want to support a local bar or cafe but you can’t make it into the city?

Promise you’ll keep coming by buying a gift card through #HelpDeHoreca, an initiative to support local businesses in these tough times. Many cafes are also offering deals when you buy now!

Like Jozef Eten & Drinken


What better way to stay in touch with reality at home than by dressing like you’re out and about?

One of the stores we love is De Rode Winkel, in the heart of Utrecht. De Rode Winkel is a sustainability oriented family-run business, and their online presence is a force. Check out their shop online!

View this post on Instagram

More packages on the way people! #staysafe

A post shared by De Rode Winkel (@derodewinkel) on

Nothing says slow fashion like vintage. Even though the clothes are old, it doesn’t mean their approach to sales has to be! Roxy ’79 is posting instagram stories of their stock to keep you up to date with the oldies (but goodies!)

🌼Fall in 💜 with our 70’s prints darlings🌼These blouses are still up for sale! Send us a DM to buy & check our Instagram…

Geplaatst door Roxy'79 Vintage op Dinsdag 14 april 2020


Getting an up-close look at the place where you live and realizing it could use some spicing up? Check out offers from the concept stores of Utrecht.

We like Combo Design, a furniture and decoration store with a fully-functional online shop!

We’re also keeping out eyes on PUHA Shop Utrecht, a concept store featuring the works of young designers, mostly based in the Netherlands! Check out their Facebook to see what they’re offering for clothes and accessories.

Vandaag en morgen zijn we in de winkel te vinden, maar we helpen je ook graag via tikkie & post! Stuur ons een pm als je…

Geplaatst door PUHA SHOP op Zaterdag 28 maart 2020

Don’t see your favourite cafe on the list? Check out #HelpDeHoreca to see if they’re looking for support!

Flora Lehmann
Flora Lehmann
Flora Lehmann is a German-American student. She has been living in the Netherlands for the last four years and recently moved to Utrecht to study Literature. She aspires to consult and report about relevant news and ideas in media. Flora has a background in economics and enjoys discussing business and growth methods. She has a keen literary mind and writes in her spare time.


  1. Can I add a FUN section? I run Time Games, an escape room in the centre of Utrecht. You can’t come and visit, but you can still play! Our game Gone Viral is now available as a Live Video Escape Room – play online, with your friends, on a Zoom conference call!


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