Leidsche Rijn history celebrated

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Leidsche Rijn will soon have its own glossy magazine full of historical facts about the area.

Evalien van ‘t Veen, is the editor-in-chief and is also a district council member, and she is proud of the history, and heritage of the area and wants to share it with a wider public. She feels that too few people know about the history of the Leidsche Rijn. There are so many stories that they have to share and she is so happy to do this.

As celebrated by Queen Maxima recently, Leidsche Rijn is exactly 20 years old. On October 14, 1998, the first inhabitants at the Klifrakplantsoen got the keys to their new homes, but as with the recent discovery of a Roman Bridge, history goes back much, much further.

We should be able to imagine that over 2000 years ago the Romans would have been walking here in the street behind the park. The association wants to tell the stories about the history of the Leidsche Rijn’s past in the magazine.

We can see more echoes of the past when we look at the chimneys of glasshouse horticulture which are still standing close to the primary school ‘t Zand: A century ago ago this was the fifth biggest greenhouse horticulture area in the Netherlands. Then there are the waterways of Leidsche Rijn. It may now be beautiful place to walk and cycle, but before that it was a canal connecting route to Leiden, when there were no roads built.

The magazine will be available at over twenty locations in the Leidsche Rijn, in the near future, in places like the community centre. And over 4000 residents in the newest neighbourhoods of the Vinex will get the magazine delivered to their homes free of charge

The name Vinex has become a kind of nickname in the area and Evalien is proud to have reflected this in her historical writing for the area.

This is another wonderful initiative that will celebrate local history in Utrecht. We must never forget the past as it helps us succeed in the future and by reflecting back on things that have happened we can make sure that we don’t make the same mistakes twice and we can build on all the good things that have transpired.

Photograph by Brbbl

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