Its NIX to under age drinking in Utrecht

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The municipality of Utrecht is to begin a programme of checking that home deliverers do not deliver alcohol to minors.

The municipality is the first to investigate the success of the NIX18 campaign for delivery services.

The NIX18 campaign is an initiative of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and a number of other parties. The campaign intends to make everyone in the Netherlands aware that young people are only allowed to drink and smoke from the age of eighteen.

According to national research by the Nuchter agency in 2016, only two percent of home delivery services consciously dealt with NIX18. However, other industries have already been checked for the sale of alcohol and tobacco to people under the age of 18.

Utrecht is going to use so-called mystery guests in the control. They will place an order with a delivery company and inform the municipality if the rules are violated.

Supermarkets and liquor stores have been checked for a long time.

Home delivery services fall under a relatively new sector, as a result of which the control by municipalities has not often been seen yet, according to the municipality of Utrecht.

A spokesperson for the municipality says that the protection of youth and young adults is paramount.

The municipality of Utrecht insists that companies keep adhering to the age limit for selling alcohol. This would seem to be apparent from the latest survey that was carried out in 2018. The survey shows that 88 percent of the liquor stores act in the right way. At supermarkets it is 73 percent and in the catering industry it is at 57 percent.

Disappointedly, however, sports clubs achieved a score of only 30 percent. And with cafeterias, things are also not going so well, as in only 24 percent of cases, are the rules applied correctly.

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

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