Internet-based supermarket to experiment with free shipping service

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A fairly new online supermarket Picnic intends to start delivering shopping to your doorstep free of charge as of September. The service, in co-operation with Boni as a supplier, will commence in Amersfoort as part of an experiment to test its success. The company announced its plan on Wednesday.

Being online-based, costs are kept low which makes it possible to offer their goods with delivery included free of charge. Customers can place an order through their app and all orders received before 23:00 will be delivered the following day using electric cars. Boni, a supermarket chain established in 1972, who serve as a supplier, are positive about the developments.

The product range is quite versatile including most of your daily requirements from both premium and private brands. Their slogan boasts, “Lowest prices on the market”. With just over 30 employees and having existed for three years now, the aim is to offer the service nation-wide in the near future.

Picnic was initially established by four enthusiastic Dutch entrepreneurs in co-operation with former marketing director of Albert Heijn and C1000, both well established supermarket chains in the Netherlands with the first one currently market leader.

Entrepreneurs are convinced that the online shopping choices for daily goods are currently limited not to mention the high costs for shipping by the businesses that do provide an online store. Boni will continue working closely with Picnic to ensure that supply and demand is met and customers are satisfied while improving their brands perception in the Netherlands.

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