Iconic Board in Utrecht Centraal is Gone

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Tonight, the big, white, information board will be removed from Utrecht Centraal. “As the station is now being renovated, the board is obstructive and may provide un-safe situations”, says a spokesman for the NS. “People stand still to look at the board. We are now in the phase of the renovation that where the board now hangs, later will become a place where large groups of travelers must be able to walk through.” For now, the board may be placed in another large station. The idea could be to move it to Rotterdam Central Station. It is still not determined if the board will return to Utrecht Centraal after the renovation. “But we will do our best,” said the spokesman for NS. “The board is an icon at the station.” Two years ago, the blue, outdated, analog board was replaced with the new big, white digital board. This change caused quite a stir with the travelers.

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