Hot Dog alert in Utrecht!

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There was almost a tragedy in Utrecht yesterday as the police saved dog just in time from a sweltering car in Utrecht

We must be aware that this late summer heat, though very pleasant also means that we must be on the alert. The police had to rescue a dog from a sweltering parked car in Utrecht on Sunday.

Police officers got a message at lunchtime from passers by that a dog was locked up in a car on the Laan van Maarschalkerweerd. Once there, they saw the dog was clearly overheated and in need of rescue. Bystanders were seriously concerned because they could see that there was only one window open and that one was open just a little so that there was barely any fresh air coming in to the car and it was beginning to become overheated.

This of course could have had fatal consequences for the dog and because the police could see that the dog had a blue tongue, which indicated a lack of oxygen, they had to act quickly to rescue it. The owner could not be contacted so they had to force a window to free the dog.

The suffering dog was then taken to the vets by the animal ambulance, but the police said that he is now in good health again.

The police at Utrecht City reported that after a good conversation at the police station with the owner, the dog was reunited and was apparently none the worse after its ordeal. The owner was naturally, very upset and had not realized that this could be so dangerous for the dog and that luckily they had learnt from the situation!

So think before you park up with a pet in your car.

Leave out plenty of water for pets.

Be careful in the sun  Utrechters and not just with your pets!

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