Hoera! An end to cold calling?

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Now if true, this story I read today is fantastic news and if it works in The Netherlands, perhaps it will stop in the UK! The plan is for the end of cold calling as the Dutch government plans to ban unsolicited sales calls. The government has set out plans to ban cold calling by companies in favour of an ‘opt-in’ system for telephone marketing. And not before time I hear you cry!

Junior economic affairs minister Mona Keijzer said the new move would give better protection than the current system which allows people to choose to be excluded from sales calls.

Call centre managers said the ban would lead to the loss of thousands of jobs. In my view that would not be a bad thing as this mindless soul-destroying work cannot be good for any individual who takes part in it. we have all read the horror stories about how employees are treated at some call centres, so bring it on I say!

Keijzer has evidenced that half of all consumers were irritated by unsolicited sales calls, so much so that having a ban was more than desirable.

In future companies will only be allowed to make marketing calls to people who explicitly agree to receive them. Consent could be sought by opting in through companies’ websites, in the same way that consumers have to be asked to be added to mailing lists. This seems fair.

Any companies that repeatedly fail to observe the ban would face fines.

It is reported that Nikos van der Laan, owner of Convins, the telemarketing firm said the largest call centre companies with more than 100 booths would be the hardest hit. He doesn’t think that the Government has taken into account the effect on jobs.

What do you think?

Are you irritated by cold calls?

Is a loss of jobs worth the loss of cold calls?

Do you work as a cold caller? What are your views?

Let us know, be part of the discussion.

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

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