Heart Foundation thanks volunteers from Utrecht for years of dedication

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On Saturday 11 May the Heart Foundation honored a number of its jubilating volunteers. They received a pin, necklace or statue in the shape of a Ruby or Golden heart, because they have been organizing the annual Heart Foundation collection as a volunteer for 25, 40 or even 50 years. In total there are 48 jubilees this year, which – added together – are committed to 1395 years in the fight against cardiovascular disease.

There is one jubilating volunteer from Utrecht. Mrs. L. van Dam from Papekop who has been committed to the Heart Foundation for 40 years.

Floris Italianer, Director of the Heart Foundation: “Our volunteers are the heart of the organization and are indispensable in our work for a heart-healthy society. Our ambition is to be able to recognize, detect and treat heart disease as early as possible as well as possible. Thanks to the unbridled commitment, responsibility and enthusiasm of our volunteers, this is made possible in part. ”

Rubies or Golden Heart
During the welcome speech by Floris Italianer, the volunteers were thanked for their valuable voluntary commitment. As a thank you, Floris Italianer handed out a pin, necklace or statue in the shape of a Ruby or Golden Heart to the jubilees.

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